Holding non vegan organizations accountable by sending them e-mails and letters.

Holding non vegan organizations accountable by sending them e-mails and letters.

Let’s talk about another form of animal rights advocacy in which I see other dedicated activists participating. It is an important advocacy that I admire, but an advocacy that is just not in my wheelhouse – YET! It is an armchair advocacy that can be highly effective. At the very least, it lets people know that we are here to stay, that we are not lurking in corners eating granola and murky, sludgy plant stews. We are not …

A Vegan talks Turkey and Thanksgiving

A Vegan talks Turkey and Thanksgiving

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the upcoming Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, October 12th and the American Thanksgiving on November 26th  are  North American traditions based on the history of the settlers, explorers, pilgrims who came to (invaded) this continent centuries ago. The Canadian tradition dates back to 1578, while the American one to 1621. Both modern day traditions celebrate the bringing in of the harvest. For the sake of clarity, I …

This Vegan’s Take On Vegetarian Times Magazine

This Vegan’s  Take On Vegetarian Times Magazine

The last thing I do at night before I hit the proverbial hay is plug in my energy depleted  iPad. One of the first things I do in the morning after swinging my legs out of bed is unplug my re energized iPad. I will admit, it usually is within reach wherever I am in the house during the day.

So, it sounds like I have a “staying connected”  addiction. But this is not really so. My iPad does not have …

YAY! You Made It!

Welcome! You are in the right place. See, there I am, Vegan Grammie Annie with my vegan granddaughter.

So, if you are reading this post, you know that I have a new site and you have decided to check it out. I hope that you like it!

There is lots of new stuff,  like a Menu (who knew I could have that) with lots of tabs containing lots of info for you, my readers.

Perhaps you are wondering …


Good Early (and I mean early) Morning,

It is Sunday morning and at 5:15 AM my husband’s LOUD get up and get ready to go work alarm went off on his Blackberry which was sitting on the kitchen table. Except, as I just mentioned it is Sunday morning. Well, I am awake at this point and my husband, who has turned off the alarm is back in bed, sleeping and snoring, I might add. GRRRR!!!! I get up.

But the cats are happy. They will get fed …


Trial and error and advice from my daughter is helping me to learn how to format my posts so that they flow well and are visually pleasing (like photos in the body of the posts, rather than to the right of the blog).  


 Like so! Chimpy and Rosie-two of my three kitty-cats.
Next on the agenda is the Read More… gadget at the end of the first paragraph of each post.

I was on my way to bed …