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One of the first books I read after becoming vegan is The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle. I was fascinated by the view that the increasing human created violence in the world is a direct result of our herding culture, including the violence inherent in the ingesting the flesh and secretions of other species of animals. I am delighted to feature an article written by  Monica Butschek (edited by Anne E. McGuigan), explaining the concepts outlined in the book. Much food for thought….



Achieving peace among human beings, from the household to the international battlefields, depends upon treating each other with respect and kindness. This will be possible when we first extend that respect and kindness to those who are at our mercy and who cannot retaliate against us. If we are sincere in our quest for human peace, freedom, and dignity, we have no choice but to offer this to our neighbors, the animals of this earth.
~The World Peace Diet, page 134

In his book, The World Peace Diet, Dr. Will Tuttle implores humanity to make the connection between human created violence in the world and the violence on our plates. In the complementary World Peace Diet Facilitator Training,  Dr. Tuttle teaches his readers how best to share that message with the world. Both the book and the Facilitator Training are eye-opening and potentially life changing.

At its core, the concept of eating animals reflects the fundamental ideology of war. Emmet Fox, New Thought spiritual leader famous for his church services held in New York City during the Great Depression, writes:

What about war? That is the physical expression of a mental equivalent (idea) held by the human race. The human race has believed in the old bogey of fear. It has believed that you can enrich yourself by taking something belonging to someone else.

 Maladaptive Mainstream Thinking:

  • Human health depends on using non human animals as food.
  • Humans have a right  to exploit non human animals.
  • There is a humane way to exploit other species of animals.
  • Ingesting the flesh and secretions of other beings does not create violence in the world.

Transformative Thinking:

  • A whole food plant based diet can provide the foundation of good health for humans.
  • The animals lives are not ours to take, as their bodies belong to them.
  • There is no humane way to exploit and then kill someone who does not want to die.
  • The consumption of animal flesh and secretions creates violence in the world in the form of poverty, illness, aggression, wars, hatred.

 Domination of the Feminine:

“With every baby calf stolen from her mother and killed, with every gallon of milk stolen from enslaved and broken mothers, with every thrust of the raping sperm gun, with every egg stolen from a helpless, frantic hen, and with every baby chick killed or locked for life in a hellish nightmare cage, we kill the sacred feminine within ourselves.”
~The World Peace Diet, Page 134

Hens in enriched cages

History documents the dawn of our herding culture as taking place some 10,000 years ago in Iraq. Its primary purpose was to amass power and wealth. Having the best herd required manipulation through selective breeding. In order to justify the domination of the female cow, herders began the process of diminishing the value of the Sacred Feminine, Sophia (Greek for wisdom). This deep conditioning has led us to a place where we fail to understand that the objectification of human females has deep ties to our herding culture. Young girls and women face much societal pressure to conform to specific ideals of beauty, comportment, goals and so on. We objectify ourselves and kill Sophia, Greek for wisdom.

Woman with Cow

The relationship we have to our animal sisters, especially chickens who are exploited for their eggs and cows for their milk, transfers to the relationship we have to our human sisters. Unless and until we heal our relationship to female animals by becoming vegan, movements like “Me Too” will be a band-aid on an un-healable wound. The result will be some superficial behavioral changes that do not address the underlying and systemic belief that women’s bodies are objects to be used. The rise of veganism brings hope that as we honor Sophia in the animals, we will remember to honor Sophia in ourselves.

 Metaphysics of Food:

“If we take another look at the egg, bacon, or cheese we are purchasing and eating, we see clearly that it is a living vibratory embodiment of cruelty, violence, enslavement, terror, and despair. The tormented consciousness of the animals and the hardened consciousness of those humans who abuse sentient creatures and exploit them for money have blended to create a “food” that is toxic at the deepest levels.”
~The World Peace Diet, Page 139

In eating animals and their secretions, humans consume the energy of cruelty, violence, enslavement, terror and despair: this is a frightening truth, given that most people understand that “you are what you eat”. Our objectification and commodification of other species of animals renders us unable to connect to these negative energies which are embedded in the very bodies of our victims. The fact that these beings can and do harbor feelings of terror is altogether denied by humans and our herding culture.  Eating animals and their secretions means eating toxic feelings, or energy. Inner peace is impossible to achieve if a person is eating the energy of terrified suffering animals. Without inner peace, outer peace will never be achieved.

Reductionist Science and Religion:

“The fall from grace, innocence, freedom, and mercy began when we ate of the fruit of the illusion of dualistic separatism and stopped showing mercy to those at our mercy. The fall came when we began commodifying animals.”
~The World Peace Diet, Page 181

Humans were cast out of Eden for making a “bad” food choice. The belief that we are separate from the animals resulted in our choosing to view them as a potential food source.  It is empowering to know and to understand that we are free to make a different choice – to be vegan – and to return to the beauty, peace, and grace that is at our very core. We return home, to Eden, metaphorically speaking, whenever we make the compassionate choice to leave animals and their secretions off our plates.


One of the greatest gifts any of us can give to the world, to the human family, to future generations, to animals, to ourselves, and to our loved ones is to go vegan and dedicate our lives to encouraging others to do the same.
~The World Peace Diet, Page 271

 Online World Peace Diet Facilitator Training:

  • great tool for those interested in veganism.
  • organized, easy to follow modules, filled with many resources.
  • dives deeply into concepts from the book.
  • provides a basis from which to facilitate a book study group.
  • provides access to the Facebook Group and their projects and accomplishments.
  • provides inspiration, fellowship and encouragement.
Enslaved for Veal
Plant Powered Mac & Cheese

In our hearts, we know that killing and eating animals is needless and cruel. We have been deeply conditioned culturally to believe and to accept that animals are an important and necessary food source.  It is incumbent upon us to use our minds to objectively examine the violence inherent in exploiting animals for food. We all recognize the need for  peace in the world, for our families and ourselves. As individuals, we can make different choices about what we put on our plates and in our bodies. Choosing to live vegan frees animals from violence, which then translates into freeing ourselves from violence. We CAN do this, one person at a time.

Monica Butschek is a lifelong animal lover, a World Peace Diet Facilitator, and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, a certified vegan health and wellness company. Her mission is to help people love vegan living.
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Annie’s Vegan View

Being  willing to think critically is key in creating a new and peaceful world for all beings.

Questioning destructive and violent paradigms is the right and privilege of all.

Let’s exercise this right as we continue to advocate for all species of animals, both human and non human who are exploited daily for humans wants, not needs.

May all beings be happy and free.



The Online World Peace Diet Facilitator Program – a vegan view!

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  • October 23, 2018 at 10:00 am

    Hi Anne, Hi Monica, Thanks for this post! It’s very well thought out and clearly a lot of care and time went into writing it. I don’t have anything special to add since it’s one of those “preaching to the choir” times and I can’t say it better myself anyway. I respect and appreciate the voice you give to something so important and not heard often enough.

    • November 9, 2018 at 8:54 am

      Hi Krissa,

      Good to hear from you. I hope that all is well. Yes, Monica did a great job with the article and I am very proud to have it published on my website.

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