By now, my dear readers, you know that I think of this thing we call life as a journey, particularly every aspect of my veganism. Blogging about being vegan is one avenue that I use to further expand my knowledge and understanding and to inspire others to join me. It is my hope to connect with others in the vegan community.  Hallelujah, it seems to have worked. I have met someone I like to think of as a blogging friend.

Celeste DiMilla
Celeste DiMilla

My blogging friend’s name is Celeste DiMilla and she has a wonderful blog entitled Honk If You’re Vegan. It is well worth checking out.
We trade comments on one another’s blogs. I find it very inspiring to be able to have a respectful dialogue about our vegan beliefs. On her blog Celeste is compassionate, understanding and inclusive, yet firm in her beliefs and honest about where she is on her journey. I admire that.

Celeste is on mission to be a guest on The Tonight Show. Without further ado, here is Celeste’s take on Jimmy Fallon, his Un-Vegan comments and what she would like to do about it. You go girl!!! You have my support.


Originally posted on May 13, 2014: Honk if You’re Vegan

Let’s Get Vegan on the Tonight Show!

I’ve seen veganism negatively stereotyped on TV many times. The latest hit was on the Tonight Show when Jimmy Fallon joked about feeling sorry for the spouses of vegetarians because they’d have to eat yam-burgers. It was about vegetarians, not vegans, but I think the public lumps us all together.
I couldn’t find Fallon’s statement online, but I did find this:
No wonder people assume that vegan food is crappy – that’s what the media is selling! Vegans know differently, but it’s hard to compete with Hollywood.
Or maybe we can…
Celeb plant-based chef known for The Great Food Truck Race and owner of Seabirds Kitchen, Stephanie Morgan, and I want to get on the Tonight Show and blow Fallon’s socks off with amazing vegan food.
Here’s a photo of the lovely Stephanie.


Celeb chef and owner of Seabirds Kitchen, Stephanie Morgan
But we need your help!
We need BUZZ to for this to fly. So let’s make some noise and get vegan on the Tonight Show. You can help by sharing this through your blog and on all of your social networking sites. With your help, maybe we really can get vegan on the tonight show.
Let’s show the world how great vegan food really is.

Celeste DiMilla




  • May 19, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Hi Celeste, You are soooo welcome!! Let’s get the word out!!!
    Peace, Anne.

  • September 27, 2016 at 7:23 am

    Hi there

    I really wish that mainstream media would not sell vegan food as crappy like this. There are so many fantastic vegan options available now. I hope your friend got to be on the Tonight show and to educate people about what is out there now and also what it means to be vegan.


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