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I seem to post a lot about breakfast, but as my daughter says, breakfast is an important meal. And speaking of my daughter, she is, like many young people today, a very busy lady. She is married, is the mother of two little ones and is completing her residency for her PHD.
So, I like to help out where I can. So, when I am researching wonderful vegan (100% plant based) foods, I often find recipes that I think would make my daughter’s life easier. I came across several the other day and decided to try one.
 I found it on a great site called and the recipe is:
I followed the recipe as is and wanted to give you some of my tricks for smooth sailing(or should I say smooth baking).

                                                                                                                                                                                1) Gather all your ingredients together for less
confusion and fewer trips to the fridge and cupboard.

   2) Place all your dry ingredients in a large bowl.

3) In a separate bowl mix together canned 
     pumpkin and maple syrup.


                                                                             4) Add plant based milk (your choice).


5)Add already mixed wet to mixed  dry & combine.
                                                                            6)Mixture is ready to pop into tin.
7) Silicone baking cups are great for any recipe.

     If you don’t have any, try paper liners.



         8) Fill scoop by pressing into batter and then on side
                of bowl to make sure mixture is a little

9) Bake according to recipe and…….


10) Enjoy now or freeze for later!!!


Pepites are pumpkin seeds. I use raw, organic.   I do not know if pumpkin seeds have been ever genetically modified, but organic means no GMO as well as synthetic pesticide and insecticide free. Using raw in nuts and seeds is always better choice for me because roasting (exposing them to heat) is reported to have some very negative health risks.
Coconut Oil: I use fresh-pressed virgin, organic and unrefined for all the same reasons sighted           above. I think it is okay to use non-organic here because of the thick skin of the coconut, but couldn’t get two without the third.
Oats: I used rolled oats, but I think quick oats would work too. These are organic. I buy them in bulk at the local health food store. I like the idea that the ingredients are in closed cylinders-no tampering possible.
Canned Pumpkin: Be sure to use pure pumpkin-the pumpkin pie filling is very nasty. Also, I do not feel l the need to use organic here, because of the pumpkin’s thick skin (it never takes offence LOL!). The pumpkin provides most of the moisture for this recipe. You can change it up with applesauce and/or banana.
Dried Apricots as an accompaniment: My daughter introduced me to the unprocessed, organic variety. There are no added sulfites to keep the apricots a bright orange. So, they are black-but tasty all the same. Sometimes I soak them before use. Sulfites are known to have certain health risks, but I have no idea how much dried fruit one would have to consume to be subject to these risks. I like to err on the side of caution where I can.
Silicone Baking Cups: These cups are a great tool for the busy cook’s kitchen. I used them instead of paper and instead of the laborious task of greasing the tin. Greasing the tin would not, I think, work in this recipe. It would be too difficult to remove the cups from the tin once they are baked. I bought my cups at Winner’s(Home Sense)-about $5.00 for a dozen.
To remove baked item, simply place a table knife in between the tin and the side of the cup and lift up cup.
For this recipe, I simply turned the cup over into the palm of my hand and voila, the baked oatmeal slipped out. For muffins recipes, it is better to let the muffin cool and then peel off the silicone cup.
For clean up, simply immerse in warm soapy water, turn inside out, and rub with fingers, rinse and dry. Easy peasy!
Ice Cream Scoop: I have two ice cream scoops that I use all the time. The larger one is for muffins and cupcakes and the small one is for cookies. No more fiddling with a spoon and every muffin and cookie is uniform in size.
Until next time,
May all beings be happy and free!


  • February 28, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    I cannot wait to eat these – plain and simple 🙂 Thanks!!

  • February 28, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    Well, there are one dozen waiting in the freezer with your name on the will have them soon.


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