Good Early (and I mean early) Morning,
It is Sunday morning and at 5:15 AM my husband’s LOUD get up and get ready to go work alarm went off on his Blackberry which was sitting on the kitchen table. Except, as I just mentioned it is Sunday morning. Well, I am awake at this point and my husband, who has turned off the alarm is back in bed, sleeping and snoring, I might add. GRRRR!!!! I get up.
But the cats are happy. They will get fed on time-followed  by some living in the lap of luxury .
Exhibit number 1-Chimpy on a Pillow.

“Alarm, what alarm?”
 So I make myself a cup of coffee and sit down with my I Pad. Facebook, Twitter and e–mail have all been checked, up dated and dealt with. The pictures  for today’s blog have been edited, e-mailed to me and uploaded from my e-mail to my computer and then to my blog. Not sure if this is the fastest way to do it but this is what works for me at the moment.
So, what is left?-oh yes, today’s post!!!

Well, I cook almost every day. Some days I just don’t feel like it. That is when leftovers (or left-unders as my daughter used to call them, not sure why! LOL) come in very handy.I bake less frequently, much to the disappointment of my husband who loves sweets. He likes dessert after every  meal (a childhood tradition) and a piece of fruit does not  always measure up.
Yesterday was a “make supper nite”. I had some leftover tortillas from Veganized Burrito Nite and some fresh veggies from Lufa (this is for an upcoming  post), some chickpeas that I had cooked the nite before and a hankering for the taste one of the first recipes my daughter shared with me after I became vegan.
BETTER-THAN-TUNA SALAD from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau page 72.

And it really is better than…
Tune in tomorrow for a play by play of the creation of this treat and the recipe too!!
HERE ARE THE HANDY DANDY TOOLS I USED (no non human animals were harmed in the making of this dish, as they say in the movies LOL).

Immersion Blender: great for blending, chopping, whirring and whipping up ingredients. Word of Warning-do not use(I repeat) do not use to chop chickpeas-you will end up with a nasty, sticky paste.
Re-purposed Egg Chopper: great for chopping up chickpeas, and fruit(cranberries, for instance), cutting vegan butter into crumb toppings, chopping walnuts, and other stuff that does not come to mind at the moment.
Stainless Steel Bowls– These are a cook’s best friend. I have had this set of bowls for over twenty years. I use them constantly-they don’t wear out. These are professional grade and are not that expensive, I think, although I have not priced them out in the last twenty five years LOL! They are good for everything except whipping up a liquid (too shallow) and mashing potatoes with a mixer(stuff flies everywhere). Caution: Do not put in the microwave.
Chopping Boards: I have several-one general purpose, one for the fruit and veggies in my morning juice drink, one for bread and one for nuts. The one you see pictured above has a handle at one end. Because the board is fairly small the handle is not that handy-the nuts keep falling thru LOL. May have to do something about that sometime-but I will live with it for now. I just keep the broom handy for sweeping the floor.
Aforementioned fruit juice chopping board, stainless steel bowl and re-purposed egg chopper.
Chef’s Knife: Every Vegan chef could use a good quality Chef’s Knife. This is a  60th birthday present from my dear family and this is the knife I use the most. Thanks family!!
Cute, Red, Polka Dot Peeler: No explanation needed.
And finally…
Re-Purposed Hard boiled Egg Scooper: It stirs, mixes and is handy for getting food items down from the top shelf of my cupboards as well as dishes (make sure the dishes are plastic if you plan to do this). I am not that tall and the top shelves of my kitchen cupboards are way,way up. Word to the wise. When getting a food ingredient down from the top shelf using this handy dandy tool, be fairly certain that the lid on said item is closed. Otherwise, you might end up with Nutritional Yeast all over the place-just sayin’. I have heard that it is very difficult to clean up.
Being vegan is all about the philosophy behind the word. Cooking and baking can be a breeze if you are willing to experiment, make do and be open to adopting new ideas. Doesn’t that sound a bit like life?
Until next time,
May all beings be happy and free


  • January 12, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    I had no idea that those spatulas with the holes at the end were actually egg-scoopers! They are also my favourite, and used often (for non-egg purposes only, of course). 🙂


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