Good Day,
Late, last summer we went to British Columbia to attend the wedding of my nephew and his beautiful bride. It was supposed to be a wonderful time, and it was, but it certainly didn’t start out that way.
Pretty tables at the wedding!
Family lore has it that at every big, family function, Anne (that would be me) will either arrive with or manage to acquire during said event, some manner of sprained ankle. Now, I will admit that has happened a time or two, or three, but it is not like I do it for attention.
And in, my defence, I had not  sprained my ankle for more than eight years. Now, for me that is a very long time.  I had my first ankle sprain when I was nineteen.  I have had in excess of twenty sprains (I am not kidding or exaggerating, folks) since that fateful day. I thought I was cured! Hallelujah!

Fast forward to present day, give or take a few months. We were Victoria, BC for a few days of sightseeing. We were getting ready to head to the wedding venue which was  on Vancouver Island. I had worn my ankle brace and running shoes for all of our sightseeing. On this last day, I did not, because we were going to be travelling in a car, not walking around.
We made one last stop in Victoria. I wanted to check out a shoe store that reportedly had  non leather shoes. If you have checked out my post, FUNNY FEET AND NON-LEATHER SHOESyou know that I have funny feet and  have difficulty finding good quality non-leather  shoes to fit said funny feet.
My new non-leather shoe collection
And that is when the sh….t! hit the fan. I fell into a hole in the sidewalk, where a tree, of all thingshad been planted, sprained my ankle and hurt my arm-four days before the wedding .Grrr!
I could not believe it, but like a fool, I was hopeful that it was really nothing. Well, sort of-the ankle was not too bad, but the arm was not so good.
We managed to make it to the beach suite where we were to stay with the groom’s parents(my big brother and my sister-in-law) as well as some of sister-in-law’s family (lovely people by, the way). We were the first to arrive, so picture the scene.
 I was sitting on the couch with ice on my ankle, when my family (brother and his wife) arrived on the back porch, saw me thru the patio doors and started to wave hello. When their eyes registered the scene, their faces fell. “Pay no attention to my ankle”, I implored.
That is my sad story and unfortunately, it has been  added to the dreaded book of family lore-at my expense. But, we lived through it and had a wonderful, and I mean wonderful time (I do love a family wedding). I even danced-not in my fancy wedding shoes,
Beyond Skin Jolie “Vegan” Party shoes (not mine, can’t manage heels with my funny feet!)
but in some kind of flip floppy  sandal, that I had thrown in my suitcase, just in case-it was quite the fashion statement.
What does this have to do with veganism, you say? Well, plenty, actually. I hurt myself while on a non-leather shoe finding mission. Post holiday, I had to find an available physio to give me some immediate help with my almost week old boo-boos! It is not always easy to get a last minute appointment with a physio, but I did manage to find one at Kinatex, in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. and boy, am I glad I did.
I met a great new physiotherapist who helped me out enormously with my recovery. Here comes the vegan part. During my first treatment, the physio asked me if I like to eat out and where. Now, up until this point, I had rarely had a conversation about veganism with someone outside my inner circle.
Always unsure what to say and how to respond to questions, I would usually keep quiet. But this was different. We discovered we had something in common, restaurant wise-a great vegan restaurant in Montreal- Aux Vivres.
We had several conversations about veganism over the course of my treatments and I felt very comfortable expressing my beliefs and convictions.
So, you can say, that this meeting over a sprained ankle and injured arm paved the way for getting out there and “Speaking my truth”.
Try not to fall down before or at family events, but if you do, hopefully  it will bring with it a new experience, some newfound courage and another road to travel (but not on crutches) LOL! Don’t be afraid to speak your truth, with compassion and understanding!
Until next time,
May all beings be happy and free!
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